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Bringing expertise from senior sales and marketing positions in industry 1 Can Help offer a simple, low cost approach to web site design and internet marketing strategy generally. This is done through a hands on approach with the client, the services offered ranging from full market analysis and web promotion to assistance with simple HTML design and web publication issues.

At this time the decision to add internet promotion to your companies' marketing mix will depend upon the nature of the trade, global or local nature of the business, expected and required goals, the available budget, branding and corporate image requirements and complexity of internet marketing proposal. 1 Can Help offer a fresh clear view on these issues to help make your site a success.

Below are links to client web sites, see what you think.

Sites with e-commerce

http://www.dfskertchly.co.uk/ Fascinating 20th c. British historical fiction books

Sites where the client maintains content following training

http://www.catapultcats.com  Lightweight, car transportable, Catamaran
http://www.tribology.co.uk/poldaw.htm Poldaw Wind Pumps - low maintenance, good value, environmental

Sites where the services of a Commercial Graphic Designer have been employed

www.wealdencare.co.uk  Care for the Elderly at home in Sussex, UK
http://www.silklegalconsulting.com Legal Management Consultancy
http://www.lynnwarren.co.uk Lynn Warren contemporary, abstract bronze & resin sculpture
http://www.c2sml.co.uk/ French farmhouse available for private hire, also available as a retreat with coaching.
http://www.mileoakdrivingschool.co.uk/ Learn to Drive West of Brighton, Sussex
http://www.sellingcoach.co.uk/ gfa sales improvement for b2b sales and negotiations

Small, simple sites

http://www.kateyannfraser.co.uk My Daughter, Actress, Singer, Dancer, Simply Brilliant
http://www.original-watercolours.net/ Roger Mayles Original Watercolours
http://www.janecolemandance.co.uk/ Jane Coleman School of Dancing
http://www.loirelongere.co.uk/ French farmhouse for holiday let
http://www.freudianslippz.co.uk/ My little rock band (I play the drums)
http://www.globeplace.co.uk Hellingly B&B, just right for Glyndebourne
http://www.siberry.biz Property Selling Consultancy in Sussex
http://www.counsellingtherapysoutheast.co.uk/ David Mann: Counsellor, Psychotherapist-Psychoanalytic/dynamic

Sites in which consultancy or marketing advisory services have been supplied

www.wealdencare.co.uk  Care for the Elderly at home in Sussex, UK
http://www.flyingtime.co.uk/ Flight Training and Aircraft hire from Shoreham, Sussex
http://affinitycounselling.co.uk/ Psychotherapy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
http://www.banksr.com Banks on Sentence, reference book for Judges, Lawyers etc.
http://www.axfords.com Axfords Corsets and Lingerie
http://www.bullbridgestorage.co.uk/ Classic Vehicle Storage
http://www.toltec.co.uk  Shamanic Teaching, residential courses
http://www.hanspens.com Hans' Pens
http://www.elecomms.com/ Satellite, Multi Room Audio and Home Automation
http://www.hawkinselectrical.com/ Electrician servicing Kent and Sussex

1 Can Help - a simple client guided approach to web site design / internet marketing strategy helping to incorporate e-commerce into business philosophy

e-mail for details design@1canhelp.com

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