Tilsmore Masonic Lodge 4499 is a craft lodge situated in the famous Sussex Weald, between Heathfield and Burwash, and is under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex

Tilsmore members meet in the Masonic centre, to the rear of St. Philips Church on the Stonegate Road, once a month between October and May, the latter being the month in which the new Master of the lodge is installed. The Ceremony night is always on the third Tuesday of the month whilst the previous Tuesday is used to learn and rehearse ceremonies, called our Lodge of Instruction

A question that is often asked is “What do Freemasons do?” The answer is “A lot” A great role of Freemasonry is in supporting charities, both national and local. To this end Tilsmore Lodge has recently helped a lot of local organisations, including: giving monies to replace the local scout troop hut, purchasing two high spec pieces of equipment to aid children with learning difficulties, assisting in the purchase of garden furniture and sun shades for St. Wilfrid’s hospice, helping local Brownies replace their meeting place and contributing towards a scheme to help young people in the Heathfield area to find employment, as well as supporting national causes.

Social life in Tilsmore consists of two types, Masonic and non-Masonic. Ceremonies and Festive Boards for instance, where masons gather together to dine following their meetings, are purely for masons but there are many social gatherings where non-Masons, partners and friends can join in. Blue Table meals, B-B-Q’s, Race Nights, Carol evenings and Church services, for instance, are open both to masons and friends. With the non-Masonic get-togethers Tilsmore joins with the other craft lodge that shares the Masonic centre and this ensures enjoyable times, with friends from both lodges coming together.

To find out when our activities take place why not check out our calendar page?

If you are interested in finding out more about Tilsmore Lodge 4499, or are thinking of joining our Lodge and would like further information, then contact Elliott Isbitt on 07779885512 or email him at  elliott.isbitt@syntego.co.uk

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